Someone named “Tegariana” is not only me

I’m Shock!! Honest…(sound too dramatic). But yea I’m shock.

I just wrote on the blank column (search engine) my name “Tegariana” and was hoped that there are so many information about me in internet. He..he..look too ambitious, right?? Well, honestly I just wanted to check how far my progress on writing in my blog.But then, I found that there is another one whose name is same with me. The differences are, He is a 9 years old Boy. And I, a 21 years old young women.

Fuihhh…that name is not just a “word” for me. Beside unique (which is no longer unique) it also meaningfull for Me.

My Father told me that Tegariana meant : The One who Strong and very patien.

Hmmm … I don’t mind to Angry…I just upset. B’coz my unique name was no longer just mine.

There is someone named “Tegariana”. Hopefully The 2 of us shall  be a great person in this world. Amin


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